2015 Carrera Cup Germany – Hockenheim race two

The second race of the first round of 2015 Carrera Cup Germany was more interesting than the first one but had a same winner – young German driver Christian Engelhardt. The race was held under difficult conditions – heavy rain and cold weather but he managed to win without any problems. Since he was the winner of the first race on Saturday, his pole position on Sunday’s race was secured. Behind him was rest of the pack, waiting for slightest mistake to overtake him. The start went smoothly with all of the drivers careful not to hit or push anybody in regards of heavy rain. All drivers started on rain tires, not taking any chances.


carrera cup2


Just like yesterday, Engelhardt stared good and gain the ground lap after lap. The rest of the field was lost in a cloud of water, low visibility and traction problems. The Nikki Thiim, who started form 23 position, had a good start and managed to climb few places in first lap. In a lap 7, safety car entered the track which give other drivers opportunity to come near the leading car of Christian Engelhart. But, soon as the safety car moved to the pits, he started to run away from the rest of the grid.


Jeffrey Schmidt, Porsche Supercup, Austria,


However, there is one driver who was behind the Engelhardt’s spoiler all the time and that is young Swiss racer Jeffrey Schmidt. The Lechner Racing driver showed amazing level of skill and determination during this race, first as an only driver good enough to keep up with experienced Engelhardt and second as only driver who had chance to overtake the winner. In last lap, Schmidt tried to overtake Engelhardt but did not succeed. Engelhardt smartly blocked his racing line but the Swiss driver shower high level of courage and ambition to even try that maneuver under those conditions.  The third was promising Ben Baker who performed well and keep his position.


carrera cup

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