2015 Porsche Supercup Monaco - qualifying

After the intense practice session on Thursday, the Porsche Supercup drivers has lined up for qualifying session on fantastic Monaco track. The main race is going to be held on Sunday, just before the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix. Fortunately, the weather is better than yesterday and even though temperature is still relatively low (sub 20 degrees) the track is dry which is more important.


Since the practice session on Thursday showed how close times can be and how small difference is between cars and drivers, we expected the same on qualifying session. Since the Monaco is very specific track where start position is everything and where there is no place for overtaking, every driver will try to achieve best qualifying time. However, since the track is dry, we expect the better results by few seconds or two from practice sessions. The session was mostly trouble free except few drivers who had small contacts with walls trying to get best lines. Here are the full results:


After the great result on yesterday’s practice session, Jaap von Lagen has won the pole position in Monaco with best time of  1.35:691. Same as yesterday, the battle for top spots were very hard and as much as 12 drivers had times in 1 second from best time posted by von Lagen. The last year’s winner, Phillip Eng was second and we can expect a great battle between him and von Lagen on Sunday’s race.  Ben Baker improved his performance with fourth spot.


So Sunday’s race is going to be intense, because everybody are eager to win and we hope that track conditions will be ideal with no rain. Stay tuned!

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