2015 VLN Championship season preview

The VLN Championship or “ Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring“ is probably the biggest and most interesting amateur-professional championship in the world. Not just because it is so popular with drivers,teams and with fans it is because every race is driven on famous Nürburgring circuit. More than 20 kilometers of “Green Hell“, few hundred drivers, four main divisions and as many as 30 different classes of race cars. It sounds chaotic but really is very fun and dynamic. That is why every VLN Championship is crowd favorite. Entrance all around the Nordschleife is free. A fee of 15 Euro must be paid for the access to the open grandstands at the Grand Prix circuit and to the paddocks. So atmosphere on VLN Championship is somewhere between rock fest and racing event. On 27th of November 2014, Nürburgring GmbH and the VLN have signed a new agreement for the racing season 2015. This mean that long tradition of VLN drivers racing on Nürburgring will continue insuring another interesting and dynamic season which will start on 28th of March 2014 organized by ADAC.


In it 39th season, VLN Championship will have 10 races all held on Nürburgring. The rules are not going to be changed but there is big change in policy of championship. Since the series is so popular not just with German drivers but with lots of foreign participants, VLN decided declare itself as an international and FIA approved series starting from 2015. So, from this year foreign participants are not only eligible to participate but may also score points in the championship and in the cups and will also be considered in the VLN overall and cup classifications. The minimum requirement for participation in a VLN race is an international driver licence grade D. This change will insure that the VLN Championship is even more interesting and popular, since the whole lot of new drivers from all over the world could compete and win. But could this be the end of the amateur VLN as we know it since lot of new names brings a lot of new sponsors and teams? Let us hope that is not the case and that more quality drivers from all over the world will bring more top notch competition and on track fighting. More international competitors will certainly give the VLN Championship global recognition and respect which it deserves. So, the 2015 season of VLN Championship is certainly going to be an interesting series to follow. Not just because it is raced on Nürburgring and every event held there is something special but because it is going to have all those quality participants, great audience and ahmosphere and over 30 different car makes ranging from small hot hatch models up to full race spec GT3 Porsches and Audis. Snap Lap will cover every event with interesting information, pictures and full race results.

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