ADAC GT Masters - First win of the season for Land Motorsport

  • Land Motorsport Audi

Land Motorsport’s Audi #29 with the drivers Connor De Philippi and Christopher Mies won the ADAC GT Masters race 2 at Nurburgring what is their first victory of the season.

Today’s race was much interesting than the one held the day before. Winning car from the Saturday’s race started from pole position on Sunday. Team 75 Bernhard’s Porsche with Kevin Estre was at the top of the grid, followed by kfzteile24’ Audi #24, while in the row 2 were Herberth Motorsport’s Porsche #99 and Land Motorsports’ Audi #29.

Herberth Motorsport

Herberth Motorsport’s Porsche, Nurburgring

Laurens Vanthoor in Audi #24 had a poor start and dropped to the 5th position, so the two Porsches were at the top, just like in the race the day before. However, Vanthoor slightly recovered one position and when the pit window was opened, the gaps between top four were very tight.

After the change of the drivers, the standings at the top were reshuffled. Team 75 Bernhard’s Porsche #17, now with David Jahn behind the wheel, lost the lead to kfzteile24’s Audi #24 driven by Florian Stoll while another Audi with Connor De Phillippi moved up to 2nd. With 20 minutes remaining, everything was still opened after the top four were within a two seconds.

kfzteile24 Audi

Florian Stoll, kfzteile24 Audi #24

De Philippi was very aggressive and 13 minutes before the chequered flag he managed to overtake Stoll and take the lead. The safety car was deployed soon after but that had not changed anything. De Philippi and Mies won the race almost three seconds ahead of kfzteile24’s Audi #24 and five seconds ahead of Saturday race winners.

Herberth Motorsports’s Porsche #99 had to settle for 4th place while the reigning champions Sebastian Asch and Luca Ludwig in Zakspeed’s Mercedes finished 5th.

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Penultimate round of 2016 ADAC GT Masters edition will go on August 20-21 at Zandvoort Circuit.


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