ADAC GT Masters: Baumann, Klingmann victorious at Lausitzring

Dominik Baumann and Jens Klingmann (BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert) are the winners of ADAC GT Masters fourth round first race at Lausitzring.


They finished 4.3 seconds ahead of Harald Proczyk and Andreas Simonsen (HP Racing), while the third were Claudia Hurtgen and Uwe Alzen, another pair of BMW Sports Trophy Team Schubert.


Standings on the top remained unchanged after flying start, but in the middle of the grid were some troubles after three cars spinned on the track. Andreas Wackerbauer in the C.Abt Racing’s Audi slided out, struggled to get out of the dirt and had to withdraw after engine stopped on the way to the pit-stop. It was sad finish of the race for the last year championship winning car. Another one who had to finish the race in the first lap was Callaway Competition’s  Diego Alessi who was also involved in the accident.




Safety car was employed, but after six laps onboard, red flags were waving and the race was stopped until the track was completely cleared. After 40 minutes pause, race was finally restarted under safety car and with racing time reduced to 40 minutes. Jordan Lee Pepper in C.Abt Racing’s Audi #2 was penalized with drive-through penalty causing the accident at the start of the race.


Daniel Dobitsch in Audi immediately overtook Sebastian Asch movng up to second place, but gaps between leading quintet were very small so Dominik Baumann and Claudia Hurtgen had a chance to improve their positions before pit window was opened with 25 minutes to go.




But, after drives change was completed, standings were completely shuffled. Jens Klingmann took the lead with 6.6 seconds ahead of another BMW with Uwe Alzen behind the wheel. They were followed by Andreas Simonsen, Luca Ludwig and Klaus Bachler who had a hard task to move up as his Porsche was on pole position at the start.


Klingmann first went throught the finish lne and claimed second victory in the season, while Simonsen beat Alzen in photo finish to take the second place. Luca Ludwing finished fourth and Klaus Bachler finished fifth.


Check the full results at SnapLap results page!

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