ADAC GT Masters: First win for van der Linde and Wackerbauer

August 30, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Sachsenring ADAC GT Masters

For the first time in 2015, reigning ADAC GT Masters champion Kelvin van der Linde managed to win a race. South African youngster paired with Stefan Wackerbauer was the fastest during Race 2 at Sachsenring. This was also the first victory for C.Abt Racng this season.


Klaus Bachler was on pole position in front of Fabian Hamprecht, and C.Abt Racing’s Audis with Kelvin van der Linde and Christer Jons, but Andreas Simonsen soon moved up to fourth. Nothing interesting happened in the opening 15 minutes as top three classification remained unchanged.


ADAC GT Masters Sachsenring


Interestingly, title contenders were out of top 10. Championship leader was 14th, while Jens Klingmann was 12th at the moment, so Bachler was on the right way to overtake them in the overall standings. Even when pit window was opened, top four classification was the same as after the opening lap. Bachler was under huge pressure from Hamprecht, but defended well and allowed Martin Ragginger to retain the leading position after drivers’ change has been completed.


But, after exiting pit-lane, Ragginger entered the track just behind Clemens Schmid who took the lead for short as Stefan Wackerbauer was new No.1 after going top in the same way as Schmid did two laps earlier. Just after pit window was closed, safety car was deployed because of Edward Sandstrom’s Audi has stopped on the track, and soon after Andreas Weishaupt had a spin.


Fabian Hamprecht Sachsenring ADAC GT Masters


Finally, race was restarted with 17 minutes to go. Wackerbauer was on top, ahead of Schmid and Ragginger, Luca Stolz was fourth and Harald Proczyk fifth, but gaps were very small, so more excitement was expected. Luca Stolz overtook Ragginger to take the third place few minutes before the end, but in the penultimate lap Ragginger managed to fight back and reclaim the third.


Wackerbauer triumphed with a gap of just 0.676s ahead of Schmid, while Ragginger was 12. 062s behind. Luca Stolz finished fourth, while fifth place won Harald Proczyk.


Check the full results at SnapLap results page!



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