Aston Martin Vulcan

  • Aston Martin Vulcan 2015
  • Aston Martin Vulcan 2015
  • Aston Martin Vulcan 2015

It looks like the McLaren P1 GTR and the LaFerrari FXX have stared an interesting trend: the track-only hypercars built to please the world’s wealthiest racers. Of course, Aston Martin can’t afford not to participate in this class with a specially made race car, fueled by passion and enormous experience. That is why the general automotive public was presented with a track-only and very fast Aston Martin Vulcan.

Aston Martin Vulcan 2015 top rear view

Aston Martin Vulcan 2015

Fantastic specs of new Aston

The Vulcan is a totally new model, intended for racing only and built as an ultimate race car. The heart of this vehicle is a 7.0 V12 engine which produces “800+“ horsepower and is derived from the 7.5 V12 unit that can be found in Aston Martin One-77 supercar. The car features carbon fibre monocoque and has carbon bodywork. The engine is connected to a magnesium torque tube and a carbon-fiber driveshaft that channels power to a racing-spec Xtrac six-speed sequential gearbox. Brakes are, of course, carbon-ceramic discs at all four corners and the Vulcan is equipped with Michelin racing tires. There is no information regarding the performance of this car, but it is almost certain that the numbers are sublime. The car was presented in Aston Martin’s signature British Racing Green color.

Inside of Aston Martin Vulcan 2015, Aston Martin Vulcan specs

Aston Martin Vulcan 2015 interior

Hypercar for hyper rich customers

However, there are another number that should be taken into consideration and that is the price of the Vulcan. Aston Martin has put a price tag at 2,3 million dollars which is brutally high. However, there will certainly be a clientele willing to pay that much for a bespoke race car which will be used on the track. The initial plan is to build exactly 24 examples of the Vulcan and each car will be tailor-made to customer specifications. Included in the price are factory support, professional trainers and instructors and a series of exclusive track day events organized by Aston Martin. That is very similar to the package offered to owners of LaFerrari FXX and McLaren P1 GTR.

All three manufacturers which offered this kind of vehicles are planning an exclusive racing series of their own, but, we cannot help but think that it will be far more interesting to have a one big racing series for this racing hypercars. That will show the true value of these cars, comparing them to the competition and give the owners and drivers a real feel of racing each other. Let’s hope that Aston, Ferrari and McLaren understand that and form a prestigious championship in near future for this kind of race cars. It will be fantastic to watch the pinnacles of automobile engineering in action on world’s best racing tracks.


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