2015 Audi R18 eTron Quattro

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The Audi R18 eTron Quattro is one of the most advanced and fastest racing cars on the planet. During its fantastic career it had won numerous events including 24 Hours of Le Mans for four times in a row. With its combination of hybrid systems and economical yet powerful diesel engine, the R18 eTron Quattro was the car to beat last few years. The Audi knows that its success will be challenged by Porsche, Nissan and Toyota and has improved the victorious R18 for 2015 season in very interesting way.


The first thing that you can notice are two huge air ducts below the headlights of the car. The whole front end is revised to improve aerodynamics but air ducts are needed for cooling. The reason for improved air flow is new hybrid system which is a main feature of R18’s upgrade for 2015 season. This new system is evolutionary one and it is called the “4MJ“ which is next version of the “2MJ“ system found on 2014 model. The new hybrid system still has one one kinetic energy recovery system on the front axle like 2MJ but now has a larger flywheel energy storage system, which can keep up to 700 kilojoules of energy on demand. Audi says that whole package has up to 272 bhp of output, which is a significant increase compared to last year.


Beside the hybrid system, Audi has improved performance and economy of the V6 TDI engine which now has 558 bhp and 2,5 percent better fuel economy. The better economy was product of better aerodynamic and 4MJ hybrid system because more kinetic energy during run means less use of diesel engine. The 2.5% maybe does not sounds much but during the 24 hours race it could make a big difference and make valuable time.


During the initial testing the drivers were impressed by new 2015 car and the Audi’s driver André Lotterer said:“You can really feel the benefit of the four-wheel-drive now, especially at somewhere like Sebring. Out of Turn 17, the rear of the car used to step out over the bumps: now you floor it, the car jumps and off you go.” So, improving an already a fantastic and fast race car means that Audi does not want to leave Le Mans to the Porsche, Toyota or Nissan with its radical and interesting GT-R LM Nismo. The new, better, faster and more powerful R18 eTron Quattro will be even tougher car to beat in 2015 and World Endurance Championship and according to all information, the 2015 24 Hours of Le Mans will be very very interesting.

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