Blancpain GT series - Zandvoort to replace Baku

The Blancpain GT series is world’s top GT3 spec sprint and endurance series with great perspective in future. With its plans to have races in the every part of the world and grow its influence all around the globe the news about Baku being not able to organize last race of 2015 season is very disturbing. Due to economic reasons Baku World Challenge is canceled. It will be replaced by Zandvoort event on October which will be final event of this year’s Blancpain GT Series.


The Baku track is street circuit located in Baku, capital of  Azerbaijan. For the last two years, Baku World Challenge was very interesting and successful event because it was very popular with audience and it was first and only such event in this part of the world. However, the Baku World Challenge was part of big project of promoting Azerbaijan as new and interesting tourist destination and putting the country on the map. So the canceling of the race is very sad news for everybody involved.


Stephane Ratel (Founder and CEO SRO Motorsports Group): “Even though the announcement came as a surprise, with the third edition of the Baku World Challenge having been confirmed as part of a three-year agreement, SRO Motorsports Group would like to thank the promoter, International Concept Event, Aztexnika, Mr Ahad and all who have been involved in the two previous editions of the Baku World Challenge. They were two fantastic events which greatly contributed to the global growth of GT Racing. I am also happy that we have found a fitting alternative by organising the final round of the 2015 Blancpain GT Series on the challenging Zandvoort circuit.”

Erik Weijers (Chief Operating Officer, Circuit Park Zandvoort): “We are obviously very happy to have an opportunity to host the Blancpain GT Series season finale in Zandvoort and to continue our long-term collaboration with the SRO Motorsports Group. We are sure the weekend will bring a fitting conclusion to what already is an exciting season. 

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