BMW prepares future champion

April 21, 2015
Alexander S

BMW in the last years enjoyed a lot of success in many racing series with Z4 GT3 model, but manufacturer has prepared replacement for 2016 with a GT3 spec M6.


The new car is expected to bring BMW step further. Like the Z4 GT3 it replaces, the M6 GT3 features racing-specific details like wider wheel arches front and rear, a deep front splitter and high-level rear spoiler.


BMW notes the difficulty in replacing a car that its racing customers are already very happy with and will ensure that existing Z4 GT3 customers will receive full factory support even after its replacement debuts.




The race-spec M6 uses a specially modified version of the 4.4 litre BMW M Twin Power Turbo V8 unit found under the long bonnet of the road going BMW M6. Engine output in race trim is as-yet unconfirmed, though the GT3 series uses balancing adjusments to ensure comparative performance between different models,  but the firm has confirmed it will pump out more than 500 hp. The modified engine will then be mated to a sequential transmission with six-speeds and driving the rear wheels. All told, the BMW M6 GT3 racer will tip the scales at less than 1300 kg mostly thanks to carbon-fiber reinforced plastic and removal of the comforts like Bang & Olufsen sound system, night vision and head-up display.


Beyond the mechanical changes to the road car, racing M6 will implement numerous new aerodynamic aids to ensure it is as fast around a track as possible. It will include completely revised front fascia with a different bumper, air intakes and grille.




BMW Motorsport is also working on suitable setup of all the parts as GT3 regulations rquire that no development work is allowed on competing vehicles after the season begins. At the same time, engineers must to focus on the safety, reliability and running costs, ensuring the car holds the same appeal for customers as its predecessor.


First impression is that it looks like absolute beast and the BMW racers sre surely impatient to try it on the track. BMW says its racing customers will be able to order their cars through 2015, with the cars set to hit the worldwide racing series in 2016 season.


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