Circuit de Ledenon - A place that evokes veneration

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The Circuit de Lédenon is small motorsport venue opened in 1973 and located in a small village near the city of Nimes in southern France.

Built by motorsport enthusiast and his wife

The story about Ledenon Circuit is quite unusual. It was built on the site that was previously used for motocross events. Located in the hills above the village, in a natural bowl with a plenty of altitude changes, the place looked perfectly suited for the construction of permanent racetrack. A local lawyer Jean-Claude Bondurand, who was a big motorsport fan, saw the possibilities and with a help and support of his wife Sylvie decided to build a circuit.

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Aerial view at Circuit de Ledenon

The construction began in 1971 after Bondurand acquired the land and over the years he slowly worked on the construction of the circuit, following the natural terrain. Many were laughing at Bondurand and his wife and by 1972 the track was almost finished. In the following year, after meeting all demands set by the French Motorsport Federation and getting the license, the track was finally opened with vintage cars race.

Circuit Lédenon is challenging track with many altitude changes

The result of Bondurand’s hard work was 3.151 km long and 9-12 meters wide track with 13 turns and with most altitude changes than any other racecourse in France. The only anti-clockwise run track in France is definitely one of the most demanding in the country and pretty difficult to drive. Circuit de Ledenon also has other three layouts and two of the could be run separately.

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Elevation changes are the trademark of Lédenon circuit

Although never hosted big international events, Circuit de Ledenon always worked well. In the first years after the opening, Circuit de Ledenon was popular for racing enthusiasts and club events but over the years has hosted various national championships, like Formula Renault, Formula 4, Porsche Carrera Cup France, French GT and other touring cars series, as well as superbike races.

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Lédenon circuit hosts various French championships events

Circuit de Ledenon, which operates for 300 days a year, is also home to the local racing and karting club and also hosts track days, as well as driving and racing school. The facilities are modest but completely functional and prepared to meet all the needs of teams and drivers.

Getting there

The Circuit de Ledenon is located in Lédenon Gard village, 20 km to the northeast from Nimes while the city of Montpellier is around 70 km to the southwest. The nearest airport is in Nimes, around 30 minutes drive to the south, and offers many national and international flights.

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Karting race at Ledenon

On its official website Circuit de Ledenon suggests various accommodation types near the circuit.

Video – Circuit de Lédenon onboard

Address: Circuit de Lédenon, 30210 Lédenon, France

Phone: + 33 4 66 37 11 37