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Nicolas Hamilton is the younger half-brother of the Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Nic, as he is fondly nicknamed, was born on the 28th of March 1992 in Stevenage. He participated in the Renault Clio Cup United Kingdom with a car modified to enable him to drive it with a form of cerebral palsy.

Brother inspired him

As he once said, his parents took him every weekend to see his brother Lewis’ kart races when he was a kid, which ultimately created a big desire in him to race as well. Nic also wanted to have a go in karting, but the noises scared him and he was worried he wouldn’t be able to control the brake with his foot. One day, he finally mustered the courage to try it in an empty car park but had a small accident after which he thought it would be the end of his short-lived driving career. Nic once said it was Lewis’ maiden world title in 2008 that encouraged him to get out of his wheelchair and try to regain the use of his legs.

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Nicolas Hamilton

Start of the racing career in Renault Clio Cup

However, luckily enough, there was still plenty of racing to come from Nic. He made his driving debut in 2011, racing for Total Control Racing team in Renault Clio Cup UK. Over just two seasons, the younger Hamilton brother has competed in a total of 32 races and collected 167 points. In his first season, he finished at the 14th place overall, while in 2012 he was on the 21st.

In the center of media attention

His performances in the series have attracted a lot of media and fan attention, irrespective of his performance in the race. Despite unremarkable results, he has fittingly been described as a real champion who is beating an illness that affects the nerves and fibres controlling his legs, arms and hands, which even makes walking a painful task.

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Nicolas Hamilton before the BTCC race

Despite everything, in 2013, Nic Hamilton moved up to the European Touring Car Cup driving six races for the Baporo Motorsport. His best result, this time, was 7th place at the race 2 in Monza.

Anyone can exceed expectations

“Whilst I’m aiming to improve as a driver, I’m also hoping to inspire others to strive towards their own personal goals, whatever their situation in life may be. Anyone can exceed expectations in one way or another and I hope to prove this when I race alongside, not just able-bodied drivers, but the best Touring Car drivers in the UK,” said Nic Hamilton, who was prepared for the new challenges that his career may bring.

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Lewis nad Nicolas Hamilton

2015 BTCC return

After being absent from the tracks for a full season, in 2015, Nic has been granted guest entry by the British Touring Car Championship boss Alan Gow, and he got behind the wheel of an AmD Tuning Audi S3 in four rounds – Croft, Snetterton, Rockingham, and Silverstone. His new start attracted, even more, attention than his debut did, regardless of the fact that he failed to achieve considerable results.

Once he described how difficult his position is while driving: “Once while racing round a corner at Donington, four ribs came out. I don’t believe in medication, Well, it’s not that I don’t believe in it but my mum has always brought me up with not taking painkillers and just to go through it yourself. It’s constant,” said Lewis’ younger half-brother.

Video – Onboard with Nicolas Hamilton at Brands Hatch


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