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Alejandro de Tomaso

  • July 10, 1928
  • May 21, 2003
  • Argentina
  • Not Active
  • 10
  • Maserati,OSCA,Cooper-OSCA
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Alejandro de Tomaso was one of the most influential persons in the history of motorsports and its beginnings.

The Argentinian of Italian origin

He was born 10th of July 1928 in the Argentinian capital city of Buenos Aires, in a family of high political influence. Unfortunately, Alejandro and his family were forced to leave Argentina in 1955 after some members of his family were accused of the try to overthrow the president Juan Peron. De Tomaso family fled back to Italy, their native land, what proved to be a good opportunity for young enthusiast. Because of his origin,by many he was often 'renamed' to Alessandro.

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Alejandro de Tomaso

Unsuccessful try to become a racing driver

De Tomaso always was cars and racing enthusiast. Soon after arrival in Italy, de Tomaso became involved in the car industry and started relatively short and not so glorious racing career during which, among other things, he drove two Formula 1 Grand Prix races. In 1957 he finished 9th at the Argentinian Grand Prix while two years later he retired from the US Grand Prix.

Tomaso ford pantera Italy sports modena business mangusta new american engine time ferrari italian motor

De Tomaso was better in designing and producing racing cars than driving it

Start of De Tomaso company

After he has concluded that his future in racing is not bright at all, de Tomaso switched attention to cars industry. In 1959 he founded company De Tomaso in Modena. Various types of sports cars, racing cars, including the ones for Formula 1, and prototypes were made in De Tomaso factory over the years, many of them being revolutionary in design and many of them still have legendary status.

Tomaso Formula pantera new american ford racing cars italian sports engine ferrari maserati motor ghia

De Tomaso with one of Formula cars designed by De Tomaso

De Tomaso company led by Alejandro quickly became very successful and in the late 1960s and 1970s was leader and initiator of Italian automotive industry. De Tomaso acquired some well-known companies involved in the business, like Innocenti, Moto Guzzi, Benelli or Ghia. Probably the most interesting story is about how De Tomaso saved famous Maserati from bankruptcy in 1974, buying the company with a help of the Italian government.

Rescuing Maserati

In 1981 De Tomaso relaunched Maserati to the world stage but couldn’t stay there for a long time. Alejandro and his company always were short of money to compete with other cars manufacturing giants. However, in the mid-90’s, de Tomaso sold Maserati to Fiat but it always will be remembered that he was the man who saved famous Italian marque from disaster.

Tomaso pantera new american ford racing cars italian sports engine ferrari

De Tomaso in his factory

De Tomaso was a good businessman

Alejandro de Tomaso almost always knew when was the moment for the sale. Before he sold Maserati, he sold Ghia to Ford and Innocenti to Fiat. In 1993, just before he sold Maserati, de Tomaso suffered a hard stroke which left him unable to speak and wheelchair bound. His son Santiago take care about De Tomaso company which, sadly, went into a liquidation in 2004 and since 2009 is owned by Gian Mario Rossignolo.

Tomaso Ford Pantera racing cars

De Tomaso posing in front of Ford headquarters in Detroit, 1971

Memorable legacy

Alejandro de Tomaso died in Modena, on 23rd of May 2003. His legacy to the world is famous cars like Vallelunga, Mangusta, Deauville, Maserati Kyalami and especially De Tomaso Pantera which was very popular in the United States.