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Fabrizio Tabaton

  • May 16, 1955
  • 64
  • Italy
  • Not Active
  • 158
  • 39
  • 75
  • 24.68%
  • 47.47%

Fabrizio Tabaton is a former rally driver from Italy who was the European rally champion two times, in 1986 and 1988, but also an Italian champion two times, in 1985 and 1987.

In the World Rally Championship, he recorded eight starts but without some success. His best WRC result is the fourth place at 1984 Rallye Sanremo.

Fabrizio Tabaton 2009

Fabrizio Tabaton

Fabrizio's first rally car was a Lancia Fulvia HF

Born in May 1955, Fabrizio started his rallying career in the mid-1970s, competing in a Lancia Fulvia HF in national rally events. He then switched to Lancia Stratos HF in 1976, recording his first WRC attempt with that car in 1979 at Rallye Sanremo. He didn't finish the rally, having an accident.

A year later, at 1980 Rallye Sanremo, he retired with a broken engine of his Lancia Stratos. In 1981, he was combining Fiat 131 Abarth and Lancia Stratos HF, then switching to Group B Lancia 037 Rally in 1982.

Rallying with Group B Lancia 037 Rally since 1982

At the wheel of Lancia 037 Rally, Tabaton scored three national wins in 1982 and finished as a vice-champion in the Italian championship behind Tonino Tognana. Next year, he scored a couple of podiums in the European Rally Championship and then, in 1984, he recorded his career-best result in the WRC.

At 1984 Rallye Sanremo, Tabaton finished in the fourth place in the HF Grifone's #11 Lancia 037 Rally, sharing a car with navigator Luciano Tedeschini. Ari Vatanen, Attilio Bettega and Miki Biasion were on the podium.

Fabrizio Tabaton Lancia Delta S4 1986

Tabaton's Lancia Delta S4 in 1986

Championship-winning years from 1985 to 1988

In 1985, Tabaton became one of the front-runners both in the Italian and European Rally Championships. He took the Italian title in 1985 and then clinched the ERC title in 1986, winning six times with Grifone Esso Lancia Delta S4.

In 1987, the first year of Group A cars, he was an Italian champion in a Lancia Delta HF 4WD. He finished fifth at Rallye Sanremo WRC event. In 1988, Tabaton took his second ERC title, driving a Lancia Delta HF 4WD and newer version of Delta Integrale.

ERC vice-champion in 1991

In the following years, Tabaton had no championship-winning potential anymore but he scored many rally victories. He was the European rally vice-champion in 1991 after winning three events in a Lancia Delta Integrale 16V, losing a title to Piero Liatti.

Tabaton was driving Lancia until 1993, switching to Toyota Celica in 1994. He gradually slowed down his activities, participating in just a couple events every year.

Fabrizio Tabaton 1999 monte carlo toyota

Tabaton's Toyota Corolla WRC at 1999 Rallye Monte-Carlo

One more last WRC attempt in 1999

In 1999, he recorded one more last WRC attempt, driving a Toyota Corolla WRC at Rallye Monte Carlo. He retired during the third day.

Tabaton was using Toyota Corolla WRC, but also Peugeot 206 WRC, in many national events between 2002 and 2004. In 2005, he also made few starts in a Fiat Punto S1600. In recent years, he was a guest at historic rally events such is Rallylegend in San Marino.

Fabrizio Tabaton pictured at 2010 Rallylegend event

Fabrizio Tabaton pictured at 2010 Rallylegend event

Photos: Petr Sagner, Stephane Lhonnay, Petr Fitz, Jiri Fryje/,