DTM: Hankook made internal tyres analysis

July 7, 2015
Alexander S

After BMW and Mercedes complained about the performance of the tyres at Lausitzring, official DTM tyres supplier Hankook made a detailed internal analysis.


Audi dominated during the weekend as well as at Lausitzring and testing scheduled two days after the races were cancelled after other two manufacturers raised questions about the tyres. DTM immediately ordered a detailed analysis and a prompt clarification from Hankook.


The tyre testings have been completed and Hankook confirmed that the basic dry tyres in fact were fully complying with the factory’s design guidelines. It is also said that the weight meridian was in the upper limit of the weight tolerance, but still in the tolerance range defined on the DTM tyre specification sheet, while the tyres from the previous production cycle, used for the races before Lausitzring, were on the lower tolerance limit.


Hankook confirmed the exisiting weight differences potentially could have led to performance differences compared to previous specifications and all tyres from the upcoming races onwards have already been inspected according to a new process with reduction tolerance limit. Official DTM tyres supplier also said that a newly installed downstream control unit that follows the race tyres production has already eliminated these variations.


Audi, BMW and Mercedes returned to Lausitzring and completed postponed tests before the race at Norisring. After the last race in the season so far, neither team complained about tyres performance and it seems like the problem is solved.

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