Ferrari Challenge Europe: Babalus wins race 1 at Monza!

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The new season of Ferrari Challenge Europe started on Saturday in Monza with a victory of reigning World champion Matteo ‘Babalus’ Santoponte.

Trofeo Pirelli

‘Babalus’ had pole position and managed to defend all attempts of Bjorn Grossmann and Philipp Baron who put the leader under pressure until the last moments of the race. In the final round, ‘Babalus’ went wide at the first chicane and Baron had a chance to overtake him, but the Italian somehow stayed on the top and clinched seventh win from 16 races. Baron finished second and Grossmann third.

Pirelli Am

European championship runner-up Martin Nelson won the race in Pirelli Am class after slipping past Sam Smeeth. The battle for third between Swiss drivers was very interesting. At the end, Andrea Benenati was a bit faster than Benjamin Fischer and won the last place at the podium.

Ferrari Challenge Europe Monza

Ferrari Challenge Europe race 1 at Monza

Coppa Shell

Last race of the day was the most interesting one. Thomas Loefflad was on pole and after the accident soon after the start, his lead was strengthened but behind him was a lot of action and couple of incidents. Loefflad won the race in front of Fons Scheltema while Rick Lovat took the third place after Murat Ruhi Cuhadaroglu spanned off the track.

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Trofeo Pirelli Race 2 will go on Sunday 12.35 CET and Coppa Shell starts at 15.20.


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