Few changes to the Marina Bay Street circuit

July 30, 2015
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Alexander S

  • Marina Bay Street Circuit changes

The upcoming Formula 1 Grand Prix of Singapore should be more exciting after the organisers decided to make some changes to the Marina Bay Street circuit.


The organisers have decided to make changes which will affect turns 11 to 13, and FIA has approved these changes, with an aim to a higher level of competition and more overtaking during the night race which will be held at September 20th.


The right-handed Turn 11 will remain, but will be re-aligned to sit tighter with the left-hand side of Fullerton road, resulting in a slightly slower corner speed compared to last year.


Turn 12 will also be slightly modified so the drivers now enter the left lane of Anderson Bridge before accelerating towards next turn at 200 km/h which is a similar speed as last year.


Finally, Turn 13 will be widened by one metre to enable more passing opportunities.

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