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December 8, 2016
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The FF Corse is more than just an ordinary racing team. It is a premier workshop, a track driving academy, and a race team operation for Ferrari GT and Challenge car owners and drivers, probably the best in the UK.

FF Corse’s headquarters is at Silverstone

Established in 2009 by Anthony Cheshire, who previously worked with Ferrari for 10 years, the FF Corse houses a unique stable of more than 40 various Ferrari cars. The home of the FF Corse is at Silverstone Circuit. It is an impressive base located in the former A1 GP headquarters.

FF Anthony Cheshire 2014 home 2015 gt3 club park 2017 news

Anthony Cheshire, the owner of FF Corse

The FF Corse offers the complete ’arrive and drive’ service for its clients – service facility, storage facility, technical support, and hospitality, during track days and race days. There are also different packages for all ranges of drivers, from the beginners to the experienced racers at international level.

Full service at the highest level

Raising its offer to the highest level, the FF Corse’s team of experienced vehicle technicians and data engineers is able to ensure the smooth preparation and running of the events, while the professional coaches are ready to provide instruction at all levels.

FF Silverstone garage 2014 home 2015 gt3 club park 2017 news business

FF Corse takes care of around 40 cars

When it started in 2009, the FF Corse had only four persons committed to a race program and two committed to a track day program. Over the years, the FF Corse’s grow was fast and today around 40 people are involved in the team’s operations. Also, the number of FF Corse’s members grew and they’ve begun to race and today around 50 percent of the members are competing in various racing series, like Ferrari Challenge Europe, GT Cup or British GT.

FF Corse was successful in various championships right from the start

Since its beginning, the FF Corse’s drivers were pretty successful on the track. In the team’s first year in 2009, the FF Corse scored six wins in GT Cup – Class 2 and the team was GT Cup Team of the Year. The season of 2010 was even better. A total of 13 wins were scored in GT Cup, GT Trophy, and Pirelli Ferrari Open. In 2011, the FF Corse’s drivers won a total of 14 races competing in the same series like in 2010.

Ferrari gt3 race challenge racing cars business

FF Corse’s Ferrari at Silverstone

The real breakthrough at the racing stage was done in 2012 when FF Corse won the British GT GTC class title as well as the Ferrari Open Series Championship. After scoring 18 race wins in various series, with eight of them being in Ferrari Open, FF Corse’s was named Ferrari Open Preparer of the Year.

2016 Ferrari Challenge World Champion drives a Ferrari prepared by FF Corse

The FF Corse continued to raise the bar next year. The team won 23 out of 75 races in 2013 and defended the GTC class title in the GT Cup and also was GT Cup Teams’ Championship winner. For the third year in a row, the Silverstone-based squad won the GT Cup GTC class title in 2014 but also won the Britcar Endurance Championship. In total, the FF Corse won 21 out of 96 races in British GT, GT Open, Ferrari Challenge Europe, Britcar Endurance Championship, Britcar GT Trophy, and Ferrari Open.

FF Corse Ferrari Challenge gt3 race racing cars

Sam Smeeth, 2016 Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli AM champion with Maurizio Arrivabene

The progress continued in 2015 when the Britcar Endurance Championship and GT Cup titles were won, and a total of 29 race wins were scored. Finally, in 2016 the FF Corse scored more than 30 race wins in various competitions, including European Le Mans Series, while Sam Smeeth was crowned as the Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli AM class European and World champion after he has scored 11 wins!

Ferrari always was an expensive toy

FF Corse’s aim to ensure a high standard of preparation and care is achieved and maintained and the team is looking forward to keeping the trucks rolling in order to stay in the business. The FF Corse as a part of the services also provides brokerage services for the Ferrari Challenge cars.

FF Corse Silverstone circuit twitter racing

FF Corse’s Ferrari at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The FF Corse offers various types of memberships with different benefits included, depending on the membership level and the prices are pretty high which is not surprising, considering the fact that most of the members are rich but unfortunately poor entrepreneurs. Membership runs for 12 months with access available to a strictly limited number of drivers. Membership is free in the form of a credit rebate to drivers committing to a full program and spending over 100.000 pounds+VAT within the season. The premier membership is 5.000 pounds+VAT, while associate membership is 350 pounds+VAT.

Photo: ffcorse.com silverstone-park.com dailysportscar.com

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