Can the drivers save Formula One?

March 26, 2016
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By many, Formula 1 is still called ‘Fastest circus in the World’ but, sadly, in the last couple of years, it is more circus than fastest. Unhappy with current situation they urged for the changes that will rehabilitate the series.

Obsolete and ill-structured

After the first race of the 2016 campaign, drivers decided to send an open letter to those who are deciding about rules and its changes, most of those being “obsolete and ill-structured”. The drivers are sick of wrong decisions and confusion, especially with new qualifying format which was suspended after the race in Melbourne, but then was reinstalled temporarily for the next race in Bahrain.

Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA) and its president Alexander Wurz, supported by former Formula 1 champions Jenson Button and Sebastian Vettel, expressed their dissatisfaction and concern about latest confusion.

“The drivers have come to the conclusion that the decision-making process in the sport is obsolete and ill-structured and prevents progress being made. We feel that some recent rule changes – on both the sporting and technical side, and including some business directions – are disruptive, do not address the bigger issues our sport is facing, and in some cases could jeopardise its future success,”  the GPDA said.

Wurz Ecclestone Formula 1

Alex Wurz of GPDA with Ecclestone and F1 drivers

Bernie and Co. will look into the matter

Bernie Ecclestone and “Council of elders” said they will look deeply into the matter and then decide whether what was done was the right thing to do or the wrong. It seems like Bernie’s words are the reason for the greatest fear because almost every decision they made in the last couple of years were wrong and a big part of the blame lies on the teams that voted for those decisions.


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