Future of Spanish GP in Barcelona is not bright

January 2, 2016
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The city of Barcelona decided to halve the funding for the Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix ahead of the coming race in May.


The future of the race at the Circuit de Catalunya has been uncertain for a while, but after signing the new contract with Formula 1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone a couple of months ago, it looked like everything was sorted out. However, the new city government has decided to set new priorities.


Circuit de Catalunya Formula 1

Detail from the 2015 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix


Making the race self-sufficient

That’s why local authorities have decided to halve the money for the Grand Prix from four to two million euros in what could be a signal that Barcelona doesn’t want to host Formula 1 races in the future.


“Formula 1 is not a priority for us, but we don’t want to pull the plug completely as that can negatively impact the race. Our aim is to make the race self-sufficient, litlle by little,” said Gerardo Pisarello, deputy of Barcelona major Ada Colau.


If Barcelona decides to completely cut the funding of the race in the future and the organizers fail to fulfill their duties, Valencia can probably jump in as the host of the Spanish Grand Prix.


Photo: formulafans.net formula1.com

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