Hamilton hits back in Canada

Lewis Hamilton strengthened his lead position in the Formula 1 championship after winning the Canadian Grand Prix. Mercedes supremacy was confirmed by Nico Rosberg getting the second place while Valtteri Bottas in Williams finished third.

Nothing changed in the opening phase of the race as the first five positions remained unchanged. Nico Hulkenberg passed ahead of Pastor Maldonado to sixth place, while at the back of the grid Sebastian Vettel quickly moved up four positions. However after that, the former champion was forced to go to the pit and had to start afresh from the beginning.


After 20 laps, Hamilton had almost a four-second advantage ahead of Rosberg who was under constant pressure by Kimi Raikkonen. Felipe Massa was fast moving up to the seventh position, easily racing ahead of Daniel Ricciardo, while Vettel managed to regain speed and made it to 10th spot in lap 25.

Raikkonen was the first of the top five drivers to go into the pit, but soon after he spun around on the track, although managing to keep himself in the battle for podium. After the change of the tyres, the Mercedes pair still was at the top, at least 20 seconds ahead of Bottas on third.


Vettel desperately tried to move up and sometimes looked too aggressive. In the 45th lap, he had a small accident with Nico Hulkenberg but the cars of both drivers stayed in the race. Even the Force India car spun around and slid out of the track. At the top, Rosberg reduced the gap and was just 1.2 seconds behind the reigning champion.

Interestingly, the first retirement was seen in lap 48 when Fernando Alonso went into garage as his McLaren Honda lost power. Not so long after, Jenson Button was also out for another miserable day of the famous team. Romain Grosjean looked well just as he looked on Friday and Saturday, but the clash with Will Stevens damaged his Lotus and he dropped out of the top 10 in lap 51 and was further was punished with a five-second penalty.


With ten laps to go everything was set for the end. The Mercedes pair was too far from the rest of the grid, Bottas was comfortable at third and Ferrari pair secured positions four and five. Hamilton was the first to pass the finish line followed by his teammate, Bottas, Raikkonen and Vettel who must’ve been very pleased, considering the position from which he started the race.

At sixth place was Felippe Massa, at seventh Pastor Maldonado, while at  eighth Nico Hulkenberg came in. Daniil Kvyat won two points as he finished ninth while Romain Grosjean moved up to tenth despite the mistakes he made.

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