Hard work is the key for McLaren

June 12, 2015
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Alexander S

McLaren Honda F1 team has had another painful weekend after both cars failed to finish the race in Canada.

It seems like the glorious days are here to stay for the team; it is  struggling in this season probably like never before. In former champions Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso team has most experienced pair of drivers in the championship, but apparently that’s not enough for success.

The team’s MP4-30 is not competitive enough, even after modifications made on the power unit and it is seen in the standings as McLaren scored just once this season when Button finished eighth in Monaco.

But, despite all the problems, both drivers are trying to stay positive and patient, as much as is possible.

“I am sad to have suffered third consecutive retirement. We definitely need to put some things in order. We know the situation for what it is but what we have to do now is work harder than ever because we want to change the situation now more than ever before. All the developments I know are coming for future races make sense, so I can see positive signs. I think we need to be patient and to continue to work incredibly hard. Hopefully, we learned a lesson,” concluded Alonso.




His team mate is thinking in the same way: “It’s easy for people to say we are having a bad season, but that’s not actually the case. In fact, we have made big improvements since the first race. We are still a long way behind the other teams in terms of power unit development and even the design philosophy behind our car, too. But if you don’t take a stab at it at the start of the season with a new project like this, you are never going to be able to fight the top guys,” pointed out Button.


McLaren will have a new chance to make things looking better in Austria, at Red Bull Ring on June 19-21.

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