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February 17, 2017
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Land Motorsport is the racing team from Niederdreisbach in Germany, specialized in both sprint and endurance racing.

Beginning was in Formula BMW ADAC

The was founded in 1995 by Wolfgang Land, racing driver who twice was Porsche Carrera Cup Germany champion and still is one of the most successful drivers of the series. Land formed his own team because of his son Jochen who has competed in the Formula BMW ADAC Junior Championship. In 1998 the team withdrew from the Formula BMW and Jochen Land began racing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Germany.

Wolfgang Land lms facebook 24h nürburgring gt3 anmelden youtube rennen montaplast videos Daytona news 2017

Wolfgang Land – Owner and founder of Land Motorsport

Porsche Carrera Cup was Land Motorsport’s priority for a long time

That championship for a long time was a priority for the team which was running exclusively Porsches. The first years weren’t very fruitful but still, there were some notable achievements, like the class victories in 24 Hours of Spa in 2001 and 2003. Over the years, some well-known names were the members of Land Motorsport – Bernd Maylander, Tim Bergmeister, and Roland Asch.

Land Motorsport Porsche lms facebook 24h nürburgring gt3 anmelden youtube rennen montaplast videos 2017 news

Jaap van Lagen in Land Motorsport’s Porsche

In 2004 the team began to compete in VLN championship and quickly became one of the strongest  in the field. Already in the fifth appearing the team was able to win the race at the legendary Nordschleife.

Success in VLN and victory at Dubai 24h

From 2005 to 2008 Land Motorsport scored at least four victories in VLN each season, while in 2006 was very close to winning the prestigious 24 Hours of Nurburgring. However, Marc Basseng collided with Manthey Racing’s car, lost 18 minutes to repair, and at the end dropped to the 3rd position what still was a good result. Over the four years in VLN, Land Motorsport’s Porsche scored a total of 19 victories.

Land Motorsport VLN nürburgring 2016 Audi LMS GT3 facebook news montaplast Daytona rennen ADAC Mies

Land Motorsport was quickly established as one of the best teams in VLN

The last triumph in the endurance racing achieved with Porsche was a victory in 2009 Dubai 24 Hours with driver line-up of Carsten Tilke, Gabriel Abergel, Andrzej Dzikevic, and Niclas Kentenich.

Return to Porsche Carrera Cup

After two years of absence, Land Motorsport returned to Porsche Carrera Cup in 2011 when the leading driver was Jaap van Lagen who finished 6th in the standings. Dutch driver repeated the same result in the following year, while in 2012 he dropped to the 7th position. His compatriot Wolf Nathan finished 3rd in the B class in 2014, while Connor De Phillippi and Ben Barker finished 10th and 11th respectively in 2015.

Land Motorsport VLN nürburgring 2016 Audi LMS GT3 facebook news montaplast Daytona rennen ADAC Mies

Ben Barker in Land Motorsport’s Porsche

Land Motorsport left Porsche Carrera Cup at the end of 2015 but also left GT3 Cup Challenge Benelux in which the team has competed with a considerable success in the previous two seasons.

The season of 2016 was fruitful for Land Motorsport

The season of 2016 was the most successful in the Land Motorsport’s history so far. Running the two Audi R8 LMSs in the ADAC GT Masters, the team won three trophies in its first year in the series. Connor De Phillippi and Christopher Mies won the title in the Drivers’ championship. De Phillippi also won the trophy as the best junior driver, and finally, Land Motorsport won the Teams’ championship.

Land Motorsport ADAC GT Masters nürburgring VLN Audi LMS facebook

Land Motorsport – 2016 ADAC GT Masters champions

The same year the Niederdreisbach-based squad, scored the 20th victory in the VLN, while at the start of 2017 Land Motorsport finished 2nd in GTD class at Daytona 24 hours where the drivers of Audi R8 LMS alongside De Phillippi and Mies were Jules Gounon and Jeffrey Schmidt.