Top 5 strangest Le Mans cars

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  • Cadillac Le Monstre
  • Chaparral 2F
  • RondeauM482
  • Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 2015

During the years, Le Mans was the place for presenting every technological achievement and proving it on one of the world’s toughest races. If the saying “the racing improves the breed“ is true, then practically every component of modern road car was tested and proved on Le Mans at some point in history.

However, some of the constructors and manufacturers had a different approach to the design and technical concept of their cars. With that in mind, there were some very strange machines on the grid over the course of glorious history of Le Mans 24 Hours. Some of them were successful, some were not, some were influential and some were forgotten, but they left their mark in the history of this great racing event.

Here is the our list of five strangest racing cars which participated in 24 Hours of Le Mans.

5. Cadillac “Le Monstre“ (1950)

Famous American gentleman racer Briggs Cunningham entered a 1950 Cadillac in Le Mans race but the car was remodeled by an aerodynamic expert. However, not very successfully. Due to its unappealing looks, the audience gave it the nickname “The Monster“. Interestingly, Monster returned to Le Mans in 2012.

Cadillac Monstre Mans cars hours ford porsche ferrari audi year home news speed jaguar engine

Briggs Cunningham’s Cadillac Le Monstre

4. Dodge Charger (1974)

A real NASCAR Dodge Charger was driven at 1976 Le Mans race in GT class. The car was very fast and was even in the lead, but since NASCAR and endurance racing are two completely different worlds, Charger eventually retired.

Dodge Viper Mans cars hours ford porsche ferrari audi year home news speed jaguar engine

Dodge Viper, NASCAR car at 24 Hours of Le Mans

3. Chaparral 2F (1967)

Jim Hall’s Chaparall was one the most influential race teams in motorsport. They patented lots of innovative designs that changed the sport forever. In 1967, their 2F had automatic transmission and an enormous wing, which could be operated by the driver.

Chaparral 2F Mans porsche 911 ferrari year audi new world 2014 engine speed design like

Chaparral 2F

2. Rondeau M482 (1982)

Rondeau is one of only two independent constructors to win Le Mans and in 1982 they presented a M482 prototype powered by Ford. Given the team’s success in 1980, the car was expected to be a next big thing in aerodynamics but it was just strange and never achieved expected results.

Rondeau M482 Mans porsche 911 ferrari year audi cars new track time built powered win

Rondeau M482

1. Nissan DeltaWing and GT-R LM (2012-2015)

Nissan’s innovative and very brave attempt drew much attention but produced little results. This car is rightfully considered as one of the strangest car ever to participate at Le Mans because the concept and technical solutions are totally different from anything else on the grid.

Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 2015 Mans porsche 911 cars ferrari year audi new world 2014

Nissan GT-R LM Nismo 2015

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