Here's our choice of Top 10 racing movies

March 26, 2015
Vukašin Herbez

From the very beginning of Hollywood, the cars always were a common motif in the movies so, during the years, an unofficial “car movies“ genre was formed. However, among those titles, there is a smaller group of movies which concentrate just on racing.

These flicks are different from regular “car movies“ since they are not hot rod musicals or street racing fairy tales but an insight into motorsport world to show a true essence of racing, dynamics, rivalry, suspense and even a tragedy.

We have compiled a list of top 10 best pure racing films, some of those documentaries, which have some of the best racing action ever put on big screen or some of the worlds most interesting and heartwarming motorsport stories.

10. Red line 7000 (1965)
Story about group of stock (or touring) car racers from the sixties and one of first films which showed racing action in modern way.



9. Last American Hero (1973)
Jeff Bridges as a young and upcoming racer (based on the true story NASCAR driver Junior Johnson) who fights competition on and life problems off track.



8. Racing Dreams (2009)
Very interesting and emotional documentary about three kids which participate in carting championship and dream of becoming a professional racers.




7. 32 Hours and 7 Minutes (2013)
There is no checkered flag on the end of this movie and no champagne on the podium. Just a man racing against time, elements, himself and the law.



6. Snake and Mongoose (2013)
The movie about two biggest legends of drag racing scene Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen who were great rivals and champions with lot of actual race footage and even a cameo appearance.




5. Grand Prix (1966)
A first major motion picture about Formula One Grand Prix races. Very good racing action and a plot and innovative photography and directing.




4. Days of Thunder (1990)
The best NASCAR movie and the story of young and wild driver in his way to the top. All star cast and very dynamic race scenes.




3. Rush (2013)
Ron Howard’s masterpiece is a movie about one of the greatest rivalries and one of most interesting seasons in a history of Formula One.




2. Senna (2010)
This epic documentary is two and a half hours long introduction to life and racing career of Formula One’s most beloved driver.




1. Le Mans (1971)
The legendary and absolute racing flick which was a box office flop but a critics and racing enthusiast favorite. The movie with just racing action, incredible sounds and real racing cars used for filming.



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