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March 28, 2015
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Roy Wolfgang

  • Ferrari F1 Concept

The ever-changing world of Formula One is dictated not by aesthetics but by strict rules of physics and aerodynamics. The design and the form of the race cars in Formula One follows the function and there is little space for beauty details if they are not helping the car to go faster. In fact, there are almost no beautiful F1 cars, just cars that are designed to go fast.



However, the Ferrari brand is know for long string of beautiful road machines which are stunning in their apperance as well as fast and dynamic. Scuderia Ferrari Fomula One heritage is longest in the sport and dates since the first Grand Prix races. So it is easy to understand the ambition behind a newly released concept named “Formula1 Concept“ which debuted just few days ago and caused quite a stir in motorsport public with its fantastic looks and aggressive style. Ferrari and its design studio wanted to show the vision of beautiful Formula One car, the vehicle designed to prove that aerodynamics does not make race car look ugly. Although the Formula1 Concept is still a rendering and not a photography of a real car, it shows us the possible future of Formula One cars which is very appealing to motorsports fans.




The Formula1 Concept could be seen as just a beautiful, computer designed image released to get some media attention, however, during the designing of this concept the Scuderia Ferrari technological department was involved. This means that all those pretty spoilers, curves and the general aesthetics of the car are not just for show and that those thing could be functional. On the other hand, this concept is released in interesting time in Formula One history during which the whole series is in difficult situation regarding the future of the championship. The Formula1 Concept could be Ferrari’s message to FIA officials showing them the true essence of race cars. The cars which should be beautiful to watch and the fans could admire its design as well their speed and power. If this is the case, let us hope that FIA will get the message and Formula One will once again be championship of fast and beautiful machines which define laws of physics and not just series full of ugly grounded air crafts with sponsors decals.

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