Nissan GT-R GT3

One of the best sports cars that money can buy at the moment is famous Nissan GT-R R35. Combinantion of incredible twin turbo engine and intelligent awd system produces a totally new driving experience and generates driving excitement on a whole new level. Knowing that Nissan’s experience in motorsport is almost 50 years long it is not surprising that GT-R found its way into GT3 class racing where it belongs.

The Nissan first introduced GT-R GT3 in late 2009 running it in selected series and races collecting experience and data for next seasons. At the start, the GT-R is produced in two variants, the GT1 spec and more popular, GT3. The heart of this race car is compact and powerful 3,9 liters V6 twin turbo engine. The power rating is high (around 600 bhp) and the torque is 690 Nm, which is very impressive. The engine is modified unit from the road going model and is very durable and dependable. Interestingly, the GT-R GT3 is not all wheel drive as its standard, street legal cousin, but a rear wheel drive car. The hard core Nissan fans were certainly effected by this change since one of the main features of standard model was that famous awd system. However, GT-R GT3 proved to be very successful even without it.


During the last four years, the Nissan GT-R GT3 was very successful in lot or the worlds championships. The GT-R GT3 won championship titles, race wins, poles and fastest laps in Blancpain Endurance, Super GT, International GT Open, FIA GT, British GT, VLN, Asian Le Mans, Super Taikyu and GT Cup. Total score is 4 championship wins, 34 podium finishes, 18 fastest laps and 64 top 5 finishes. With its price of just over 400.000 euros, the car is not cheap, but results are proof that is effective and for ambitious racing team, that is very important. There is no information on production numbers since the Nissan is producing it on demand and according to specifications of a client. The customers have long list of options and the cars all have a little differences depending the location of races, Europe, America or Asia/Australia.

For the 2015 season, Nissan improved the GT-R GT3 with a numerous enhancements and details in order to keep it compatible with the rest of the grid. During the development of this car, Nissan’s engineers had undergone more than 300,000 km of development so the GT-R GT3 is one of most reliable machines out there. So don’t be surprised next time you see a GT-R on podium or achieving a fastest lap. This car has proven winner and ready to repeat its success in 2015.

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