Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Hockenheimring – race 2

  • Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Hockenheimring – race 2 C. Engelhart

The last race of the 2015 Porsche Carrera Cup Germany season is second race of Hockenheim event this weekend. The champion is already known and it is the great Philipp Eng, but that doesn’t mean that the fun is over. Yesterday, on race 1 of this event, Jeffrey Schmidt won in front of furious Christopher Zochling in a very interesting, aggressive and eventful race. Today, the front row was occupied by Schmidt and Ammermuller, two teammates and Lechner Racing team drivers and we’ve been bound for one last dynamic and intense race of the season.


The morning on Hockenheimring was cold and damp but by noon, the sky cleared enough for a decent race. The start alone was without any incident, but in the first corner, Robert Inachen hit the car in front of him which caused his radiator to burst, spilling cooling fluid on the track which caused safety car to come up. The officials tried to clear this part of the track because cooling fluid is very slippery which is dangerous for the other drivers. However, the drivers standings after the few moments of the race were unchanged: Schmidt on front with Eng second and Ammermuller on third. The safety car left the track in second lap and the race restarted. Eng pressed Schmidt and after a few turns, got the chance to pass him. Schmidt was second but very close to Eng and just a few meters in front of Ammermuller. Engelhart was fourth but Sven Muller was on fifth waiting for his mistake and applying the pressure. Two laps later, Muller managed to pass Engelhart but Nicki Thiim overtook them both and Engelhart was on sixth position. However, moments later, Thiim aggressively attacked Muller and managed to pass him. But, because Thiim hit Muller in the process his move was against the rules so he gave the fourth place back to Muller but stayed behind him for the next attack. Unfortunately for him, everything was over when he spun and lost his position while battling with Thiim.


In front, nothing changed. Eng was first with Schmidt behind and Ammermuller on third. Nicki Thiim managed to be fourth after a lot of fighting and Christian Engelhart was fifth. After 18 laps, Eng won the race with Schmidt second but biggest winner was Engelhart who become vice champion with 197 points overall. During this race, Engelhart was in danger and could lost his second place in championship because if he finished on lower position he would have same amount of points as Jeffrey Schmidt, but in just one moment, Muller spun and Engelhardt kept his second place with Schmidt being third in championship. Click HERE for full results of second race and stay tuned for season’s recap.


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