Porsche Carrera Cup Germany Zandvoort - race 2

Sunday morning at Zandvoort and it is time for final race of Porsche Carrera Cup Germany weekend in Netherlands on famous Zandvoort track. The weather was great all weekend which suited drivers and Austrian ace Phillip Eng who was fastest on qualifying and won first race in front of Michael Ammermuller and Alex Riberas. The Saturday’s race was interesting and with one incident between perspective British driver Daniel Cammish and Nicki Thiim.

DTM 04 - Zandvoort 2015

The start of the race was neat and without any major incidents. Phillip Eng as expected jumped first but Riberas managed to move from third to second and started chasing Eng. Ammermuller was third and soon was attacked by Thiim who passed him. It looked like Riberas is going to attack Eng because he was very close behind and even flashing his lights behind Eng. However, as the raced moved on, Riberas slowed his tempo and Eng moved forward building his lead. There wasn’t any fighting between drivers on top positions however, there were interesting battle between Matteo Cairoli and Christian Zochling. He was aggressive but Cairoli was calm and managed to keep his position.

Porsche Carrera Cup Deutschland 2015

On lap 15 there was incident between two cars from the back of the grid which spun of track. Safety car was out and under it, drivers consolidated their gaps. Eng was first and Riberas close behind. When the safety car was off the track, Eng jumped forward chasing his win. Riberas decided that it was smarter to keep his second place than to try to attack Eng and in 2 laps time the race was over. Phillip Eng was first, Alex Riberas second, Nicki Thiim third and Ammermuller and Christian Engelhard on fourth and fifth place.

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