Porsche Supercup Austin - race

  • Porsche Supercup Austin - race

An epic racing weekend in Austin, Texas on Circuit of Americas, marked the end of 2015 Supercup season. It was an interesting and suspense event which appropriately finished the 2015 season of best Porsche 991 GT3 Cup racing. First of all, the weather conditions were extremely hard. Due to torrential rain which started on Friday and lasted all trough the weekend, the Supercup drivers only managed to have free practice under difficult conditions and the final race on Sunday. The qualifying session and penultimate race on Saturday were canceled because the track was flooded and there were no chances of racing under those conditions. The organizers didn’t have much choice but to reschedule everything, not just Supercup races but all other series’ races including the Formula One because of extreme weather conditions. To resolve this, the times from Friday’s free practice were used to set up the grid for Sunday’s race.


This meant that Porsche Junior driver Sven Muller was on pole position with big chances of winning the championship as he won four of the last five races and scored one second place. Muller shared the first row with Alex Riberas on second position. The start was decent and two drivers pulled away from the rest of the grid. Muller struggled to keep the tempo and Riberas was attacking him from the very beginning and managed to pass Muller in lap 6. Muller was getting slower and soon after Michael Ammermuller passed him and he fall down to the third spot. But Riberas was confident and fast, managing to win the last race of the season and become he first Spanish winner of a round for the Porsche Supercup in the history of the championship! Sven Muller finished third but that didn’t help him. The championship title belongs to Phillip Eng who had enough points advantage to win the championship even with his 8th place finish. So, 2015 Porsche Supercup (and Carrera Cup Germany) champion is Austrian Ace Philipp Eng and one of top Porsche drivers in the world at the moment.


Here are the full results of the final race of the season and stay tuned for more interesting articles about 2015 Supercup season and its winners since we are going to do a season recap, 2016 season preview and profiles of the most important drivers.

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