Race debut for the Mercedes-AMG GT3

July 1, 2015
Roy Wolfgang

We had already presented you with the article about new GT3 racer from Stuttgart – Mercedes AMG GT3 which should replace very successful and well known SLS AMG GT3. The new racing car was presented earlier this year and, after extensive testing it is time for its racing debut on VLN race this weekend. Even with long testing the engineers don’t have all the data and racing experience is very valuable so this racing debut should be seen as extension of development of this car.


The Mercedes AMG racing team has chosen three experienced German ace drivers (Bernd Schneider, Thomas Jäger and Jan Seyffarth) to drive new AMG GT3 in 4 hours race on Sunday. Since all three drivers had raced the old SLS AMG GT3 it will be very interesting to see what they can do in new car and how much faster it will be. Those drivers were involved in the development of the Mercedes AMG GT3 and their knowledge and experience is very valuable. However, it is not just racing public that will keep close eye on race debut of new Mercedes AMG GT3 but also there are many racing teams that are very interested in new car as well. If we remember that previous model was very popular with private teams and still is one of best cars for purchase, the new AMG GT3 can be even more popular and produced in higher numbers. So stay tuned for race coverage this weekend and results from VLN race.

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