Renault Sport Trophy: Double win for Oregon Team at Silverstone

Luciano Bacheta and Niccolò Nalio in #6 Renault Sport R.S. 01 of Oregon Team are the winners of the Renault Sport Trophy Endurance race at Silverstone today. Starting from pole position, the duo led from start to finish. Their team-mates David Fumanelli and Dario Capitanio in the #8 car secured a double victory for the Oregon Team. Indy Dontje and Toni Forné in #3 car of ART Junior Team finished third.


The three cars which started from position 1,2 and 3 remained in their positions after the start as well. Behind them, Diederik Sijthoff (V8 Racing #5) overtook Andres Mendez (Zele Racing #11) and Chris Harris (Monlau Competicion #14) to move up to sixth place. Starting last, Richard Gonda (ART Junior Team #2) saw his comeback drive interrupted with a puncture on lap four. When Philippe Bourgois (Zele Racing #9) went off circuit, the safety car was deployed.




After the restart, Niccolò Nalio remained in the lead and earned 25 points for the intermediate classification of Prestige drivers. He was followed by Dario Capitanio, Toni Forné, Max Braams (V8 Racing #4), Diederik Sijthoff and Chris Harris. Andres Mendez (Zele Racing #11), Jeroen Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur #10), Antonio Coimbra (Equipe Verschuur #1) and Adalberto Baptista (Oregon Team #7) rounded out the top ten after the retirement of Stefano Costantini (V8 Racing #45).


When the time came to change drivers, Niccolò Nalio handed over the reigns to Luciano Bacheta, who joined the action with a three-second lead ahead of David Fumanelli. Indy Dontje followed from a reasonable distance, while Roy Geerts (V8 Racing #4) was surprised by Nicky Pastorelli (V8 Racing #5), but re-took the position in the penultimate lap of the race.


Luciano Bacheta increased his lead from the field to go on for the win with a nine-second margin of victory from David Fumanelli. Indy Dontje completed the podium ahead of Roy Geerts and Nicky Pastorelli. After having moved up to sixth place, Pieter Schothorst (Equipe Verschuur #1) had to give up and leave his place to Bas Schothorst (Zele Racing #11), who outraced Alan Hellmeister (Oregon Team #7) and Paul Loup Chatin (Monlau Competicion #14), who had to come back through the pits to close his right hand side door.


Two Sprint races, one for Elite drivers and other for Prestige drivers, are scheduled for tomorrow at 11.25 and 15.30.




Photos: World Series by Renault

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