Scheider's result excluded, Audi boss apologizes

August 3, 2015
Alexander S

  • Timo Scheider

Stewards decided to exclude Timo Scheider’s result  of the DTM race two at Spielberg due to the collision with Mercedes-Benz driver Robert Wickens.


According to the stewards, the Audi driver caused the accident on purpose as per the analysis of the telemetry data and the available video footage of the accident. The Audi Team Phoenix has renounced an appeal on this decision.


In a second decision, the stewards on the site forwarded the incidents related to a possible unsporting instruction via radio by Audi Sport Team Phoenix and/or Audi Sport to the appeal court of the DMSB.


Until a decision is made by the sporting tribunal, the results of the race two at Spielberg remain provisional.


In the menatime, the Audi boss Wolfgang Ullrich apologized for his instruction.

“What was done with Timo was not the proper way to go about things. But it was most definitely not my intention that Robert and Pascal end up in the gravel trap. I’m sorry that I shouted in my initial emotion at the command post. I do not communicate with the drivers by radio during the race and did not know that the radio was open. This was not an instruction for Timo by any means. I can only apologise to Mercedes for this remark. An expression like that does not reflect my idea of motorsport, but was strictly due to the adrenaline at that moment. I’m a racer and was fuming about the way Timo was dealt with.”

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