Tom Coronel fined for unsporting behavior

July 13, 2015
Alexander S

  • Tom Coronel

ROAL Motorsport’s driver Tom Coronel has been fined by the FIA for unsporting behavior during WTCC weekend at Vila Real in Portugal.


The Dutch driver insulted Ma Qing Hua after the qualifying session and accused the Citroen driver for blocking him. Stewards investigated the situation and concluded that Ma Qing Hua made peace was as soon as he could. Coronel later apologised, but it was too late as officials decided that abusive language is not acceptable in an FIA Championship.

That’s why Coronel has been fined with 1000 euros and was ordered to perform some public acitivity for the FIA. ROAL Motorsport’s driver wasn’t happy with outcome: “They said I should not call him a stupid driver and things like this; they said they don’t want that. So I have a fine and for the FIA I have to do a schooling thing or an event. So, it seems I’m not allowed to say to someone if he’s stupid.”


Citroen Racing team principal Yves Matton commented that a fine for Tom Coronel is fair and completely deserved as his behavior was completely unacceptable.

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