A priceless history: Top 5 car museums on the planet

  • Donington museum of Formula One cars, England

It’s nice to watch beautiful cars and races on different media, but it’s a totally different experience when you see them in the flesh. If you are a fan, the museums of rare and important cars in history are a place to be. We chose top 5 museums all over the world – they are witnesses of human effort to make a four wheel perfection.

A museum of Formula One Cars in Donington museum, England

Donington museum, England

5) Donington Grand Prix Collection, England

This is a real jewel, made by track owner Tom Wheatcroft, a businessman and car collector from Castle Donington, Leicestershire. The Donington Grand Prix collection is (as far as we kow), the largest collection of Formula One cars in the world. They have a car that Ayrton Senna drove in 1993, when he became a European champion at Donington Grand Prix. And a lot, lot more, such as collections of Williams and McLaren cars. This museum also offers a rare military collection of artefacts from World War 2. Museum site: donington-collections.co.uk

Porsche Museum in Germany

Porsche Museum, Germany

4) The Porsche Museum, Germany

Need to say more? This is a constantly changing display in Stuttgart of fastest car in the world, a dream of every automobile fan. There are over 80 vehicles on impressive 5,600 square meter exibition area. Museum site: porsche.com

The Lane Motor Museum of rare cars in Nashville, Tennessee

The Lane Motor Museum, USA

3) The Lane Motor Museum, Tennessee, Usa

It was established in 2002, by automotive enthusiast Jeff Lane in Nashville, Tennessee. This guy started restoring cars in his teens. The result? A collection of rare, beautiful cars in running order, from 1922 A. B. C., to Alpha Romeo Spider from 1986, and much, much more. Museum site: lanemotormuseum.org

Mercedes museum in Germany

Mercedes museum, Germany

2) The Mercedes museum, Germany

Ok, we got cars, and we got Mercedes-Benz. This museum offers over 130 years of one of the best cars in history. The museum is situated in Stuttgart, and they are offering discounts if you visit Porsche Museum in the same city (see above). Museum site: mercedes-benz.com

Cité de l'Automobile a museum of rare cars in France

Cité de l’Automobile in France, a museum of rare cars

1) Cité de l’Automobile in France

Ok, this is a big one:The Schlumpf collection, also known as Cité de l’Automobile in France in Mulhouse, France has 520 cars from 98 brands. Also, they have a largest collection of Bugatti’s (123), and the various racers from 1930’s. Museum site: citedelautomobile.com

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