Unexpected victory for Rosberg in Monaco

Nico Rosberg is the winner of the unexpectedly exciting Monaco Grand Prix. This was third consecutive victory for German driver in Monaco. Lewis Hamilton was on the top from the start, but unexplainable decision to go in the pit-stop while the safety car was on the track prevented him to win.


At the start of the race, Kvyat shoot ahead of Ricciardo after Turn 1, while Alonso and Hulkenberg had a collision after which Force India driver had to go to the pit, as well as Felipe Massa because of a small puncture in the front right tyre. Another accident was between Pastor Maldonado and Max Verstappen. Venezuelan driver was pushed from behind hitting the barriers and very soon he had to retire.




Even he has complained about breaks problem, Hamilton was comfortable at the top with almost three seconds advantage in front of Rosberg, while Vettel was on third with a gap of 4.5 seconds. Bigger challenge for the reigning champion was how to take over the drivers at the bottom of the grid than how to keep his lead in front of his teammate and Vettel.


Thirty laps before the end it looked like Hamilton is unstoppable. He had huge advantage and looked very confident. Much more interesting was the battle for the second place as Rosberg’s advantage in front of Vettel was just around one second.


Both McLaren’s were on the path to win first points in the season, but soon after pit-stop Fernando Alonso had to retire because he had problem with a gearbox. For Wlliams this race was disappointing as Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas were far from the points zone, lap and two behind the top of the grid.




Max Verstappen had few brilliant moves during the race and he pushed hard to go into the points zone, but young Dutchman overrated himself in lap 64 when he unadvisedly went into Romain Grosjean and after that crashing into barriers. Luckilly, Verstappen wasn’t hurt, while Grosjean continued the race.



Safety car was employed and unexpectedly Hamilton went into the pit! Rosberg took the lead in front of  Vettel leaving Hamilton on third. It was abysmal decision by Mercedes as only seven laps remained after safety car went out of the track. As the gaps were shortened, drivers tried to move up. Ricciardo almost pushed Raikkonen out of track trying to overtake him in battle for sixth. Australian quickly moved up to fourth after he wasn’t penalized because of the accident with Ferrari driver.




Rosberg took the present and won the race in front of Vettel, while Hamilton finished third. It was good race for Red Bull as Kvyat finished fourth and Ricciardo fifth. Kimi Raikkonen finished sixth, Sergio Perez was very solid finishing seventh and Jenson Button finished eighth bringing first points for McLaren. Ninth was Felipe Nasr and Carlos Sainz won one point.


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