V8 Racing team wins 12 Hours of Mugello

  • 12 Hours of Mugello

Dutch team V8 Racing is the winner of the 12 Hours of Mugello race, the second round of the 24 Hours Series championship. Day two of the race was marked with many incidents and accidents, but luckily nobody was seriously injured. Major accident was between Dinamic SRL’s Porsche and Audi of Optimum Motorsport.

Video – Crash at 12 Hours of Mugello

Renault in front of Mercedes and Lamborghini

Drivers line-up Luc Braams, Max Braams, Nicky Pastorelli and Miguel Ramos, behind the wheel of Renault RS01 FGT3, finished the race five laps ahead of Hofor-Racing’s Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 (Michael Kroll, Christiaan Frankenhout, Kenneth Heyer, Roland Eggimann and Chantal Kroll). The last place on the podium won Austrian GRT Grasser Racing Team with Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and drivers line-up Rolf Ineichen, Marc Ineichen, Adrian Amstutz and Christian Engelhart.

12 Hours of Mugello

Detail from 12 Hours of Mugello

The winner of A6-Am class is IDEC Sport Racing from France (Patrice Lafargue, Paul Lafargue, Gabriel Abergel and Sacha Bottemanne) with Mercedes SLS AMG GT3. They were two laps in front of Equipe Verschuur in Renault RS01 FGT3 with the drivers Erik van Loon, Hame Kolen and Mike Verschuur while the third was Boutsen Ginion Racing’s Renault RS01 FGT3 with drivers Daniel Waszczinski, Kris Cools, Philippe Salini and Renaud Kuppens.

12 hours of Mugello

12 hours of Mugello

MRS-GT Racing fastest of all Porsches

German team MRS GT-Racing with American drivers Joe Foster, Charles Espenlaub and Charles Putman is the winner in the 991 class. Second place went to Tsunami RT from San Marino (Oleksandr Gaidai, Come Ledogar and Kriton Lentoudis) while the third is HRT Performance (Kim Andre Hauschild, Stephen Borness and Sergio Negroni).

 Check the full results at SnapLap results page!

The next race of 24 Hours Series will go on April 1 – 3 at Silverstone.

Photo: twitter.com/24hseries

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