Andretti goes into the new season with old powertrain

August 27, 2015
Alexander S

  • Amlin Andretti Formula E

Andretti Formula E team has decided to start new FIA Formula E season with last year’s powertrain after unsuccessful pre-season testing.


Team was unable to make any meaningful mileage during six pre-season testing days, therefore deciding to switch on to previous McLaren motor used during inaugural season. Despite unexpected complications, Andretti team confirmed the intention to retain its status as a constructor with an aim to focus at introducing new powertrain for the start of the next season.


“We made the decision to change on Monday evening, as we wanted to achieve certan objectives. We were hoping that we will find solution with new powertran, but it didn’t worked, and we were left with no choice. Our plans of new powertrain are now put on hold and we delayed introduction until third season,” commented Roger Griffiths, head of Andretti Technologies.


The new Formula E season gets underway in Beijing on October 17.



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