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Anglesey Circuit is definitely not a top-class racing venue, nor does it host any major events, but its wonderful location and natural beauty make it one of the most popular and renowned circuits around.

Army camp transformed into a racing venue

This spectacular venue was opened in 1997 and immediately became popular. The track is located in Ty Croes village on Anglesey island in north Wales, in a quiet countryside just by the Irish sea, and offers a unique experience of driving and racing.

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Ferrari at Anglesey Circuit

Anglesey circuit, aka Trac Mon

Trac Mon, which is the Welsh name of the venue, is built on the location formerly used by the British Army and later by the RAF. During the 1970s, the site was used as a refugee camp for the people fleeing from Uganda and Idi Amin’s dictatorship regime. In the early 1990s, the first racing events organized by local clubs were held at what will later become Anglesey Circuit. Shortly after the opening, the circuit was fully licensed by the Motor Sports Association and Motocycle Union of United Kingdom.

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Anglesey Circuit offers unique driving experience

Four layouts circuit

In 2006, the track was completely developed and modernized, but the track layout was overhauled. Today, Anglesey Circuit has four layouts. International GP Circuit with a length of 3.4 km is the longest one and has 11 turns. Coastal Circuit, probably the most popular of them all, is 2.5 km long and has 10 turns, while the National Circuit is 1.9 km long with six turns. The Club Circuit is the shortest – 1.3 km, with only four turns, but somehow it is just as exciting as the rest of the tracks.

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Map: Anglesey Circuit layout

Anglesey Circuit is a relatively fast track, with a few long straights and some technically demanding turns and hairpin bends. One of the straights is called after Tom Pryce, to this day the only Formula 1 driver from Wales, who was killed during 1977 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami.

Video – Lap around Anglesey Circuit in perfect weather

Perfect place for club racing

This extraordinary venue mainly attracts enthusiasts and some minor competitions like the historic cars races and some events organized by the British Racing and Sports Car Club, British Automobile Racing Club and Classic Sports Car Club from May to November. One of the main dates in the calendar is occupied by a motorcycle rallycross, a part of the British Championship.

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Unusual scene for the racing venue, but not for the Anglesey circuit

Anglesey has plenty to offer

Getting there is easyfrom the mainland, the island is connected with Britannia Bridge at A55. The nearest international airport is in Liverpool while the local airport at Anglesey, near the circuit, offers weekday connection with Cardiff. Island’s main port in Holyhead has regular ferry connections with Ireland.

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Ordinary day at Anglesey Circuit

Visitors and racing enthusiasts can choose between various types of accommodation at Anglesey and before or after the events, they are able to enjoy the tranquility of this wonderful place ’at the end of the world’.

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Anglesey Circuit is perfect place for racing enthusiasts

Address: A55, Ty Croes LL 63 5TF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1407 811400