Audi TT Cup

The Audi Sport TT Cup is a new one-make racing series which started a few weeks ago at Hockenheimring, as a supporting event for DTM.

For this competition, Audi and Quattro GmbH developed a new racing car Audi TT Cup, based on the production version of the third generation Audi TT, which was presented last year at Geneva Motor Show.


Audi TT cup, Audi Sport TT Cup


The racing version of the new Audi TT has a weight of only 1125 kilograms and delivers 228 kW (310 hp). It benefits from the technological innovations of the production model – particularly in terms of its lightweight design.

The production body of the third-generation TT with its intelligent combination design of aluminium and steel is so light that it can be adopted for racing without any real changes. The body shell of the new race car consists only of aluminium and carbon fibre.


Audi TT cup, Audi Sport TT Cup


The two-litre four-cylinder TFSI engine and six-speed S tronic gearbox remain unchanged.  Only the crankcase ventilation has been modified for the higher centrifugal forces. An electronically adjustable limited-slip differential, which is electronically variable from the cockpit, provides optimal traction on the front axle.


A push-to-pass function over a button on the steering wheel delivers a short-term power boost of 22 kW (30 hp). An interesting fact about the push-to-pass function is that spectators and rivals can see how many times the drivers can still use the additional power, because blue lamps in the windshield and LEDs in the rear window show boost activation. The quantity of available boost is defined by the regulations in every 30-minute race.


Audi TT cup, Audi Sport TT Cup


As a genuine race car, the Audi TT Cup has sophisticated aerodynamics with a front splitter and rear wing with a long rearward projection. The LED headlights of the Audi TT give the race car a distinctive face as well.

In terms of safety, quality and reliability Quattro GmbH applies the same high standards to the Audi TT Cup as to the successful bigger models. Audi PS1 Safety Seat has been adopted from the Audi R8 LMS ultra and the fire extinguishing system was originally developed by Audi for its Le Mans prototypes.

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