Bira Circuit - The First Racetrack in Thailand

January 9, 2017
Alexander S

  • Bira Circuit

Named after the famous Prince Bira, the Bira Circuit located near the Pattaya City seaside resort, was the first permanent racing venue in Thailand.

Bira Circuit was important for further development of Thai motorsports

Opened in 1985, the Bira International Circuit instantly became important motorsports venue. Racing always was quite popular in Thailand and opening of the circuit played a vital role in further progress and development. Unfortunately, the track is nowadays pretty the same as it was at opening but still it is a relatively good circuit that meets standards of the FIA.

Circuit Pattaya Thailand

Part of the Bira Circuit, Pattaya

Named after only Thai F1 driver

The track was named after probably the best-known Thai racing driver Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh who was better known as Prince Bira of Siam. He is still the only Thai driver who competed in Formula 1 and one of the very few F1 drivers who also competed in the Olympic Games.

Since its founding, Bira Circuit has established a solid record of catering to the needs of racing enthusiasts and professionals. Most of the competitions held at Bira Circuit were local and through its history Bira Circuit desperately needed some bigger international events. The South East Asia Touring Cars Zone Challenge and Asian Formula 2000 races probably were the most important events held there.

Bira circuit is tiny complex with short bumpy track

The layout of the track is simple and compact. It is a 2.41 km long track with 11 turns. The track is quite bumpy and conditions aren’t at the highest level. The relatively fast downhill double-apex corner is probably the most interesting part of the circuit. Bearing in mind the hot weather and big humidity, it is clear that racing at Bira Circuit really can be hard and challenging.

Bira Circuit aerial view

Aerial view of Bira Circuit near Pattaya City

The whole complex is pretty tiny, only 65 acres, but except the main course, there are also off-road track and new karting track which meets the highest CIK standards.

Suitable for various events

The Bira Circuit can accommodate around 30.000 people in the main grandstand and other spectator areas around the track. The Bira Circuit has full facilities (control tower, steward towers, pit garages for cars and motorbikes, medical center, and meeting room) for arranging all kinds of motorsports events – race meeting, racing school, test drives, etc. The track is also available for the non-motorsports activities like product launches, exhibitions, concerts, and many other.

Bira Circuit start

Start/finish straight at Bira Circuit

Getting there and accommodation

The nearest airport is Bangkok, some 120 km from the Bira Circuit to the north, what is around 90 minutes drive. Accommodation of various types could be easily found considering that Pattaya City is nearby and knowing that the tourism is Thailand’s most important industry.

Bira Circuit Thailand Pattaya racing geladen aufrufe dauer 2014 anmelden

Control tower at Bira Circuit

Address: 111 Moo 5 T.Pong A.Banglamung, Chonburi 20150, Thailand
Phone: +66 38 938 140