Blancpain Series and Pirelli World Challenge to Merge in 2016

March 27, 2015
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George Sugarman

As two of among the best GT racing series in Europe in North America, Blancpain Series and Pirelli World Challenge have made a cooperation deal which will bring the two series closely together in 2016. World Challenge Vision President and CEO Scott Bove has made an announcement stating that that the Pirelli World Challenge and Blancpain will have their first combined event on March 4-6 2016 in Austin, Texas on the famous Circuit of the Americas.

Bove has also added: “The Pirelli World Challenge and Blancpain GT Series share similar desires to expand their product outside their existing markets. Pirelli is the common denominator being the official tire for both series. Pirelli World Challenge has developed a strong worldwide presence with international drivers, teams and manufacturers competing in our series. It’s now time to take our brand of racing to the global stage as a true World Challenge.”
The process of merging will begin in 2015 in Baku, where top three GT drivers in the Pirelli World Challenge GT Championships will be invited to participate in the Blancpain GT Series finale. It will continue in Texas with Blancpain’s best crossing the Atlantic.  SRO Motorsports Group Stephane Ratel is also more than content with reaching an agreement, remarking that getting an American circuit on the Blancpain GT Series’ calendar has always been one of his pet projects.


Since both of the series use Pirelli tires and mainly similar sets of rules, this cooperation could bring both of these GT racing series to a new, higher level. We’re certainly looking forward to the inaugural combined events and we believe that you are too!

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