Borkovic withdraws from the race in Morocco

April 19, 2015
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Alexander S

Serbian Dusan Borkovic will not participate in the second round of the World Touring Cars Championship in Morocco.


Proteam Racing driver is disappointed after Saturday’s qualifying and noted that, as it was in Argentina, he can not be competitive, not only with the dominant Citroen cars, but also with Ladas and Chevrolets, and also with the other Hondas.


Unsolvable problems with the seat did not falter Borkovic, who was willing to drive on the track in Marrakech, however, since he arrived in Morocco became aware that his Honda made no “update” like the others, and that is because of the low quality of the suspension and scorched brakes on his car what is additional handicap on this very dangerous path.




Borkovic had to start from the 10th place in the first race. However, the risk of driving the car in this condition was too big. Some ten days before the race in Morocco, Borkovic’s father passed away and Serbian driver is still hurt after big loss.


“I hope nobody will be disappointed with this decision which was hasty. But, I still feel sadness after my father, it’s still too fresh. Another reason to withdraw is that I feel really bad in the car which not corresponds WTCC standards and is not adjusted to the latest specification for this year just like was the case with the other Honda cars in the series“, said Borkovic.


The decision on further steps in this season Dusan will bring in the near future in cooperation with his team.

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