Borkovic withdraws from the WTCC

April 22, 2015
Alexander S

Dusan Borkovic announced via his Twitter profile that he is withdrawing from the World Touring Car Championship.


Full details of his decision to leave the Championship will be known on Friday after press conference, but it seems that the technical problems with his Honda is the main reason of withdrawal.


Serbian driver in the very last moment resigned from the race in Marrakech last weekend saying that he is disappointed with the fact that his team, Proteam Racing from Italy, didn’t managed to make his car competitive claiming that his car is far slower and out of date than the other Hondas.




“I really like his track. Last year with no experience of the track or the car I got through to Q3, and now I pushed even more and no result. You could see that I was fighting hard and that I drove on the very limit yesterday in free practices and qualifying. Brakes and dampers especially didn’t seem ready for this race. And when you add my sitting position to this it is not a good combination especially for this track. Also, it may have been a wrong decision to compete in Morocco so soon after my father’s death. I wanted to continue for him but I am not 100% focused and it is really hard for me to deal with these ridiculous issues at this moment. The nonfunctional car in this state was not safe for me to drive, I didn’t want to cause problems for myself or other drivers”, said Borkovic before the race in Morocco.


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