Generation Bentley Racing

Generation Bentley Racing is an interesting concept in world of motorsport. It is not just another racing team it is a education and promotional program dedicated to supporting young and perspective drivers as well as mechanics and team crew. Currently, Generation Bentley Racing is presented by David Appleby Engineering an UK based company which specializes in production of top notch racing cars for various clients such as Bentley and Aston Martin. David Appleby Engineering also produced rally cars for WRC teams. At the moment, GBR (Generation Bentley Racing) participates in Blancpain Endurance series and it is enlisted for upcoming season with three British drivers: James Appleby, Jody Fannin, Steven Tandy and in British GT championship. Their weapon of choice is naturally a Bentley Continental GT3 which have a twin turbo V8 with 600 bhp, transaxle gearbox and weight of just 1300 kg considering it is almost 5 meters long.

But the Generation Bentley Racing is not just about promoting young drivers and Bentley brand it is about developing complete package which consist of highly experienced teachers, young drivers, team crew and mechanics. It is a program of team building on a higher level then before. Since the David Appleby Engineering had enormous success in GT4 championships it is time step up to GT3 and GBR had its debut on British GT Championship in Oulton Park on 19 April 2014 and later that year in Blancpain Endurance Series. However, the biggest competitor to GBR is a M Sport Bentley and official Bentley racing team which also participates in Blancpain Endurance Series with two cars and six drivers. So the 2014 was a warm up year for GBR but we can expect that the 2015 season will be much more involving and dynamic for Bentley cars and young drivers.

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