New GP3/16 revealed in Monza

September 4, 2015
Djordje Sugaris

The next step in GP3 car evolution, called the GP3/16 has been revealed in Monza and will replace the current GP3/13 car in the next season. The car was officially unveiled by Daniil Kvyat and reigning GP3 champion Alex Lynn.

GP3/16 was unveiled by Daniil Kvyat and Alex Lynn

The new GP3 car was unveiled by Daniil Kvyat and Alex Lynn

The new GP3 car features a brand new Mechachrome engine, a 3.4l naturally aspirated  V6 producing 400BHP, the same amount of horsepower the current car has. However, the changes are visible in the overall design which looks more aggressive and will actually improve overtaking, as well as in the newly constructed monocoque sourced by Dallara which will help taller drivers fit the car. Safety of the car has also been improved with new front and rear impact structures which are up to 2015 F1 safety standards. Up to this day, the GP3/16 has undergone five days of development testing. Firstly, it was at the Magny-Cours track in France and then followed by the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. The teams will receive the delivery of the new car in early 2016.

GP3 CEO Bruno Michael was pleased with the car, commenting: “I am very pleased with this new generation car. The first two generations have reached expectations in preparing young drivers for the next steps: GP2 and F1. There were three key areas we focused on during the design phase of our new car. Firstly, we have designed a car that will encourage overtaking thanks to new aerodynamics which will enhance the racing and provide even more entertainment. Moreover, we have worked on finding solutions to limit operational costs, again in order to provide an attractive package to our teams. Finally, the GP3/16 car matches the latest F1 safety standards which is something we’re always highly focused on. We’re convinced that the way we’ve positioned the GP3/16 is the right one for the next three seasons and will continue to attract drivers and teams whose ambition is to reach the pinnacle of motorsport.”

Crew members inspecting the new GP3/16

Crew members inspecting the new GP3/16

Alex Lynn also shared his views on the car: “I think it looks very aggressive. It’s up to current Formula 1 aesthetics which is very positive. It looks like a very pretty car and it should be good to watch on track. I have to say I thought the last GP3 chassis I was in was the best one so far for being a taller driver. It’s certainly a good thing if we can get the taller drivers lower into the car and accommodate them even better. GP3 is a great Series to progress to GP2 and beyond. It has produced drivers who have reached Formula 1 so it’s clearly working. I would love to drive the GP3/16 car if there was ever an opportunity.” 

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