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May 4, 2015
Roy Wolfgang

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Modern technology has changed everything, including the way we watch racing and follow motorsports. In the past, races were predominantly viewed on tv and only covered in newspapers and magazines after a few days. Today, with the internet, one can watch any race in real time and get all the informations through specialised blogs and sites. It is for this reason that the organisers of the famous Blancpain GT series have just launched a new mobile phone app for all the fans of GT racing around the world.


The Blancpain GT Championship is one of the most interesting motorsports series in the world. Apart from that, the Blancpain GT series and GT racing in general are growing each year in terms of popularity and numbers of viewers. To serve its expanding fan base, the SRO Motorsports Group (organizers of the Blancpain GT Series) have now launched the Blancpain GT Series app, which will make it possible to witness all the racing action live during each of the 12 rounds, from any location. And to make this app absolutely irresistible, it is completely free and – unlike most other racing apps – you do not need any In-App Purchases to access the rich content. The users of this app can have all content in a matter of seconds——the results, photos and live streams, unarguably the most exciting aspect of the new app. One can watch live the qualification and practice of all of the 12 events in the season (6 Sprint and 6 Endurance races) and get the complete results as soon as they are available. One has to only swipe to the news section, for the drivers’ reactions and the latest information on the teams. The in-house photographers provide the best shots of paddock, pitlane and racetrack.


The app with its innovative approach to covering motorsport events is an interesting way to fully enjoy the fantastic GT racing. With this app, one can leave their homes and spend time outside without losing touch with the race tempo and current information. All one has to do is to go straight to Google Play or App Store to get ones Android or iOS-version of the Blancpain GT Series app and get even closer to the action than was ever possible before.


For Android users click HERE
For IOS users click HERE


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