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March 31, 2015
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Roy Wolfgang

The Blancpain Endurance Series is one of the world’s top endurance and GT championships. In just four years, this series presented itself as the best place for GT racing with numerous participants, gentleman drivers and teams. That is why the first official test days for 2015 season were very important. The event was held on famous French circuit Paul Ricard on 11th and 12th of March this year.


The test days are always interesting because they show what car have potential for the next season, what team work the hardest during the winter and give the fans a glimpse of what we can expect during the 2015 season of the Blancpain Endurance Series. The Blancpain official test days were big success, since 45 participants showed up during the two day event. The drivers and the teams showed a high level of preparation and the lap times was very close. The ideal weather conditions only added to the pleasure of watching the best GT teams and drivers hurtling their GT3 cars around the 5.791 km track. The cars that claimed most of the attention were the new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 of Grasser Racing Team and the McLaren 650S of Von Ryan Racing. Those two GT3 racers are new for 2015 season and they are successors of the Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 and McLaren MP4-12C GT3. However, there was another surprise when Audi showed a new R8 LMS ultra, unannounced. The R8 LMS ultra has just been introduced but still not fully ready to race and it will debut in Blancpain Endurance Series sometime during the season.



Results day 1:
1. Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 (Rieter Engineering) – 1.56.013
2. Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (Kessel Racing) – 1.57.088
3. Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3 (Oman Racing Team) – 1.57.178
4. Nissan GT-R GT3 (Nissan Racing Academy) – 1.57.399
5. McLaren 650S GT3 (Von Ryan Racing) – 1.57.473
6. Audi R8 LMS Ultra (ISR) – 1.57.476
7. Nissan GT-R GT3 (MRS GT Racing) – 1.57.654
8. Camaro GT3 (Rieter Engineering) – 1.57.675
9. Audi R8 LMS Ultra (Team WRT) – 1.57.727
10. Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (Akka ASP) – 1.57.732
Results day 2:
1. BMW Z4 GT3 (TDS Racing) – 1.56.855
2. Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 (Inseight Racing Denmark) – 1.57.065
3. Camaro GT3 (Rieter Engineering) – 1.57.142
4. BMW Z4 GT3 (Tripe Eight Racing) – 1.57.231
5. Nissan GT-R GT3 (MRS GT Racing) – 1.57.312
6. Audi R8 LMS Ultra (ISR) – 1.57.324
7. Nissan GT-R GT3 (Nissan GT Academy) – 1.57.324
8. Audi R8 LMS Ultra (Team Parker Racing) – 1.57.328
9. Bentley Continental GT3 (Bentley M-Sport) – 1.57.390
10. BMW Z4 GT3 (Boutsen Ginion) – 1.57.409



Interestingly, the new Lamborghini Huracan GT3 was not so successful since it only got 19th time during the day one and 17th time on day two of the testing. However, the experienced Gallardo GT3 showed that the old car is still very competitive and fast. The biggest surprise is Chevrolet Camaro GT3 with the third fastest lap on day two of the testing. But this car is build by Rieter Engineering which means that a lot of GT racing knowledge has been used for construction and development. The Porsche performance was disappointing and BMW, Nissan, Aston Martin, Ferrari and Audi were good as expected.

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