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April 20, 2015
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Roy Wolfgang

The Australian V8 Supercars series is, as we know, one of the best, most dynamic and exciting race championships in the world. From the very beginning of this series the racing was intense and with lots of contact between the cars. Today, with the help of safety equipment, the crashes and accidents are not serious but they are still very common and sometimes terrifying.


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The V8 Supercars has two types of races during the season. The standard (long) race which is two hours long (sometimes more) and Sprint type (short) which is 40 to 100 kilometers long and lasts around one hour (sometimes less). Of course, it all depends from the event and the track but those are the average numbers. During the Sprint type of races, since the time is very short and there is a very small number of laps, drivers are very aggressive in the first lap because there is only so much they can do. Everybody wants to capitalize on the first lap because the initial position will be basis for the finish. Only the drivers in the front row, on pole and second position are safe, everybody else are in danger of crashing. So, the crashes and accidents happens all the time and ruins the chances of participating. It is very frustrating to eagerly waiting for the start of the race only to be involved in accident in first few seconds.


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The V8 Supercars has this problem for years but its been again in the spotlight after the Will Davison’s Solar Australia Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG was spun at Turn 4 by the Holden Racing Team’s James Courtney on the opening lap of Race 4 at Symmons Plains. The crash was ruled accident but there was a tension between the driver which is understandable after the chances of Will Davison racing was ruined. However, there is conflict of opinions between the drivers who think that the racers should be able to drive at full speed from the start and those who think that organizers and championship officials should invent a rule which allows a slower but safer start of the race in order to give all drivers chance to safely start.


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However, this could be hard to implement in V8 Supercars championship or any championship for that matter since the drivers are the people which are eager to start, to race and to win and after a weeks of waiting on a race and concentrating on tactics and preparing the cars. Its hard to hold back and be careful on the first lap when you know that you have a very limited time for racing and the only thing you want to do is to press that accelerator pedal as hard as you can…

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