Porsche 997 GT3 R

If the 991 GT3 Cup is the basic racing Porsche for entry level racing, cup championships and is available to everybody who has enough money, the 997 GT3 R is a more serious racing machine with more power, better mechanics for almost double the price of a GT3 Cup. It is built to explore the limits of racing 911s and compete in the series where the 991 GT3 Cup was not eligible.

The 997 GT3 R was introduced in late 2010 and the first cars were delivered to customers just in time for 2011 racing season. The specifications were familiar since the car used the 4.0l flat six engine with 385 bhp (in 2012, the power was increased 400 bhp), sequential six-speed gearbox and multi link rear suspension. Every 997 GT3 R was equipped with automatic throttle control, aerodynamic and electronic package. The weight of the race-ready car was 1200 kg and this model is longer and wider than the Cup car.

The new racer competed in various championships around the world and its GT3 specifications allowed it to participate in VLN series, Blancpain Endurance series, American Le Mans series and in 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, in 2010 Porsche introduced an interesting variant of the 997 GT3 R with hybrid power named 997 GT3 R Hybrid.

Similar to the Audi R18 e-tron Quattro, the GT3 R Hybrid had two electric motors powering the front wheels with a combined power of 218 bhp. The car proved to be very successful during the 2011 season, winning a VLN race on Nürburgring and finishing first in GT class in American Le Mans series.


However, Porsche continued to improve 997 GT3 R by developing small but important modifications for each season and releasing an upgrade kit for earlier models. For 43,100 euros (around 50.000$) you could upgrade your 2010/11 Porsche 997 GT3 R to 2013/14 specifications. It does not sound like enormous amount of money, but then, you have to know that the base price for a new 997 GT3 R was over 300.000 euros (around 340.000$). It is certnaily a lot of money, but 997 GT3 R is a lot of a car and a perfect racing machine which is usable in lots of racing series around the world. If you want to participate in Blancpain Endurance series or a VLN championship on Nürburgring there is no better way…

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